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Why would I outsource my projects to BaseClear?

BaseClear is a contract research laboratory for DNA-based analysis. In the past 25 years BaseClear has developed especially strong expertise and experience in microbial genomics research. BaseClear offers a complete range of microbial genomics services, including metagenomics, microbiome analysis and microbial strain characterisation services. BaseClear is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited since 2006 (RvA, L457), the scope includes Next-Generation sequencing. In addition BaseClear is ISO/IEC 27001 (an information security standard) accredited since 2017. In 2018 BaseClear moved to a newly build, high-tech and sustainable (BREAAM Excellent) laboratory. BaseClear has been able to stay ahead of the field through a focus on innovation and development. Our clients are life scientists working in for instance biotechnological, (bio)pharmaceutical, food companies and academic research institutes. Our goal is to be a true partner for our clients. We assist them to reach their goals quick and efficient, while maintaining the highest quality standards in DNA analysis.

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More than 60 highly educated and experienced specialists are ready to take up your next project. Our team can advise you, both during the project planning stage and implementation of the project regarding sample preparation and the best approach to use.

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