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Understanding the microbial world is essential to improving human and animal health, and for the sustainable future of the planet. BaseClear brings decades of experience and expertise in microbial genomics. Our team is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that will accelerate the understanding and use of microorganisms.

Through microbial genomics, we help customers improve their products and processes, gain regulatory approval and confirm product claims. We combine our unique expertise and the extraordinary talent of our people to offer solutions to a wide variety of clients. We offer full support starting from the project design phase: before the first sample is taken, we can advise on the best approach to answer your research question.

The DNA research and analysis is performed in our own state-of-the-art laboratories, and we provide outstanding reports and interpretation of the results. Our recommendations for improvements to sample collection and study design increase the value of the analysis for our customers, allowing them to get more out of their project.

Our vision

The exploitation of the microbial world is essential for a sustainable, safer and healthier future.”

The potential of microorganisms to solve many issues facing the modern world is huge and largely undiscovered. Global problems ranging from antibiotic resistance and human disease, to poor crop yields and climate change, are impacted by microbes. For years, relatively little was known about the often invisible world of microorganisms. However, new DNA technologies have provided tools to really see what is happening inside microbes and their communities. This allows us to unravel the interactions between microorganisms and their environment. By learning to understand the world of microbes, we can unlock their potential to improve our quality of life.

Our mission

As genomics experts and through sustainable partnerships we offer technological expertise and consultancy to accelerate the understanding and use of microorganisms.”

We are very proud of what we have built over the last 30 years. And as a solution provider, we would not be here without our customers and collaborating partners. We are very grateful that we still serve many of our customers from 30 years ago! It is confirmation that we are doing the right thing. We highly value our cooperation with universities, research institutes and the R&D community. Due to our joint efforts, we are able to further improve our services and develop new analytical products.

We are looking forward to the continuation of these sustainable partnerships. Because only together can we fully grasp the potential of microbes and use this knowledge to develop products and solutions that will improve our quality of life and contribute to a healthy and sustainable future for the planet.

Our sustainability goals

Our core values

We are proud of the expertise that we have available. Since our foundation in 1993, we have developed a powerful combination of competence in molecular biology, genomics and DNA-based analyses, combined with knowledge of microbiology and its applications in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research. In our award-winning Nucleus building, we have installed state-of-the-art robotics and analysis equipment, including the latest sequencing technologies as offered by Illumina, Pacific Biosciences and Oxford Nanopore Technologies. We are continuously developing our knowledge and capabilities, which allows us to react quickly and flexibly to the needs of our clients.

We believe in encouraging an open and collaborative atmosphere, where we welcome our partners and customers, work closely with them, and offer them support by creating customised solutions. We want to build an environment in which our employees and our clients enjoy what they are doing. We believe in building communities to explore the potential of microorganisms together. We do this, for example, by collaborating on joint publications about industrial biotechnology applications, and with expert meetings on a wide range of topics that we organise throughout the year.

We always strive for sustainability in everything that we do. This results in long-lasting collaborations with our partners, clients and employees. We want to be a trustworthy partner that offers reliable, high-quality solutions. We choose to work in an environmentally sustainable way, from building design to how we operate our processes. We also see sharing our knowledge for the benefit of society and the future of the planet as part of our social responsibility.

Our sustainability goals
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Meet Derek Butler!

Dr. Derek Butler is BaseClear's CEO. He has served BaseClear for the last 15 years in a number of leadership positions. He is a microbiologist and a graduate of University College Cork and TIAS Business School. Dr. Butler has more than 20 years of biotech experience and has held a number of commercial and scientific roles within BaseClear. He is also the co-founder of Leiden-based MyMicroZoo, a company that offers direct-to-consumer microbiome testing. 

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