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As we discover more and more about the microbial world, the more we realise there’s much more to discover. The latest developments in DNA technology have revolutionised this research field. BaseClear, founded in 1993, is a pioneer on the DNA analysis market and has been on the forefront of the microbial genomics revolution.

BaseClear is located at the Leiden Bio Science Park. The Leiden Bio Science Park is the leading biomedical hotspot in Europe, with >100 biomedical companies and 10 educational institutes. From its foundation in 1993, BaseClear has worked intensively with the surrounding pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Through the collaboration with these partners, who use microorganisms for a wide variety of applications, BaseClear has developed dedicated microbial genomics solutions. BaseClear grows every year together with the park, our clients and partners. We have built up an increasingly strong expertise and network in the field of molecular microbiology.

Our vision

The exploitation of the microbial world is essential for a sustainable, safer and healthier future.”

Microorganisms have a huge, largely undiscovered potential to contribute to the solution of a large number of issues facing the modern world, ranging from antibiotic resistance and personal disease to poor crop yields and problems caused by global warming. For years, relatively little was known about the often-invisible world of microbes. However, new DNA technologies have provided tools to really see what is happening inside microbes and microbial communities. This allow us to unravel the interactions between microbes and their environment. By learning to understand the world of microbes, we can unlock their potential to improve our quality of life.

Our mission

As genomics experts and through sustainable partnerships we offer technological expertise and consultancy to accelerate the understanding and use of microorganisms.”

As genomics experts, we collaborate in sustainable partnerships with our customers and partners to create solutions that accelerate the understanding and use of microorganisms. Together we explore the potential of microbes and use this knowledge to develop new products and services that will improve our quality of life and contribute to a healthy and sustainable future for the planet

Our core values

We are proud of the expertise in genomics that we have available. Since our foundation in 1993, we have been an expert in the area of DNA analysis. Over the years, we have developed a powerful combination of expertise in molecular biology, genomics and DNA-based research, as well as in microbiology and its application in biotechnology and pharma. In our award-winning Nucleus building, we have installed the most modern robotics and analysis equipment, while there is certainly also room for growth and opportunities for implementation of future technologies. We are continuously developing our knowledge and expertise, which allows us to react quickly and flexibly to the wishes of our clients. With our focus on both creativity and innovation, we are able to offer them customised solutions based on the latest technologies.

We believe in having an open and collaborative atmosphere, where we welcome our partners and customers, work closely with them and offer them support by creating customised solutions. We want to create an environment in which both our employees and our clients enjoy what they are doing. We believe in building communities to explore the potential of microorganisms together. We do this, for example, with joint publications on industrial biotechnology applications and with expert meetings that we organise throughout the year.

We always strive for sustainability in everything that we do. This results in long-lasting collaborations with our partners, clients and employees. We want to be a trustworthy partner, always offering reliable, high-quality solutions. We also feel that we have a certain social responsibility to use our knowledge for the benefit of society and the future of the planet, and therefore we choose to work in an environmentally sustainable way.

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