The Nucleus building of BaseClear been designed by Popma & Ter Steege. With their design, the architects have created an open and collaborative environment to promote knowledge transfer. There are several open meeting spaces where employees from different departments and disciplines can meet and connect with each other. The building also contains a special lecture room for both internal and external meetings and lectures. The laboratories are located on the second floor of the building and are a completely restricted area for safety and confidentiality reasons. Within this area, the laboratories are structured optimally for the current working processes, but also have the flexibility to be restructured to adapt to future developments.

Open atmosphere

The design of the Nucleus building fits perfectly with the core values of BaseClear. BaseClear wants to collaborate with our customers, partners and spin-off companies in an open atmosphere and we want to create an environment in which both our employees and our customers enjoy what they are doing. In our new lecture room, we routinly organize experts meetings, where visitors could also sit down for lunch and get a tour through our lab. We often hear from them that they really enjoy the place and appreciate how well everything is organized.

Photo: René de Wit

Excellent sustainability

The sustainability of the Nucleus building is also in line with our corporate vision. The building has a BREAAM sustainability label of ‘Excellent’ due to, for example, the 290 square meters of solar panels, the compact building volume, the efficient and high-frequency lighting and the water-saving sanitary appliances. In addition, the building is connected to the thermal storage system (WKO) of the Biopartner foundation, which has an overcapacity for this.

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