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BaseClear works from its award-winning Nucleus building, in which we have installed the latest robotics and analysis equipment. Our Nucleus building is proudly located at the heart of the Leiden Bio Science Park, the leading biomedical hotspot in Europe.

Leiden Bio Science Park

BaseClear is surrounded by around 200 dedicated life sciences companies and institutions on the Leiden Bio Science Park. This has proven an excellent environment for us to flourish! Together with our neighbours we have developed application driven solutions. BaseClear is a real pivot in the park, which is demonstrated, for example, by our direct involvement in the park’s business association for the last decade.

Photo: René de Wit


Anyone who enters the Nucleus building will notice the open environment that is present in the building. This was specifically designed to create a collaborative atmosphere that promotes knowledge transfer. For example the building contains a special lecture room for both internal and external meetings and lectures. On a regular basis, we organise experts meetings to discuss challenges and opportunities in microbiome analysis and microbial genomics.

This design fits perfectly with our core values, since we want to collaborate with our customers, partners and spin-off companies in an open atmosphere and create an environment in which both our employees and our customers enjoy what they are doing.

Excellent sustainability

Less visible, but not less important, is the high sustainability of the Nucleus building. The building has a BREAAM sustainability label of ‘Excellent’ due to, for example, the 290 square meters of solar panels, the compact building volume, the efficient and high-frequency lighting and the water-saving sanitary appliances. In addition, the building is connected to the thermal storage system (WKO) of the Biopartner foundation, which has an overcapacity for this.

The sustainability of the Nucleus building is in line with the corporate vision of BaseClear, since we consider sustainability to be of paramount importance. BaseClear also stimulates its employees to use public transport for commuting and to work in a more sustainable way e.g. by reduce printing and reduce waste. We also aim to contribute more to sustainability research projects.

Photo: René de Wit

Meet Bas Reichert!

Bas is excited about the opportunities that are offered by microbial genomics, and how BaseClear can contribute to understanding how microorganisms can be used to develop novel applications for the health of humans, animals and the planet. He is focused on BaseClear taking a strategic position to expand the genomics field as a whole. Bas explains: “What sets BaseClear apart is its broad range of services that cover all steps of the research process, from study design to the final publication-ready reports. This streamlines the research programs of our clients and lets them get more from the analyses. We have a great deal of knowledge available within the company, and we are focused on creating sustainable partnerships with our clients and research partners to grow the industry. I feel that it is our goal to unlock the potential of microbe-related products and make a significant positive impact on health and the environment in the future.”

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