Founded in 1993 by Erna Barèl and Bas Reichert, BaseClear now has more than 25 years of experience in DNA research. In all those years we have learned how our customers and partners think and the values to seek in a service provider. Most important are high quality results which are achieved through our experienced workforce and latest sequencing technologies like Nanopore, Illumina and PacBio. However, the proof of our attitude towards our customers and partners lies in the strong relationships we have built throughout the years. Many of our customers have come to us for many years, for high quality results, but also for:


Our bioinformatics specialists have developed the Genome Explorer for online data analysis. This provides our customers with an easy to use solution to interpret Next Generation Sequencing data online without the need to install software. These portals provide perfect analysis for viruses, bacteria and fungal genomes. This is not only restricted to single genomes, but also allows the analysis of complete strain collections or metagenomics communities. Read more on these tools at the genome explorer section.

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Throughout the years we have seen thousands of microbial genomes from all possible sources so we are perfectly capable to deliver high quality results and services on each project. We have developed efficient workflows for library preparation, robotics, sequencing and analysis. Therefore we are perfectly capable of delivering high quality data.

Not only we use short read sequencing technology (Illumina), but we have also access to long read technologies (ONT and PacBio) to sequence full genomes. The long read data can be combined with Illumina data. Our advanced analysis pipelines and internally developed tools are capable to reduce the number of contigs to a minimum.


Whether you request a small routine test or a complete R&D project, BaseClear’s experienced and highly skilled specialists are at your service. We respond fast to inquiries and our focus is to deliver results as fast as possible. BaseClear offers you much more than the operation of our high-tech equipment. Our product specialists can advise you, both during the project planning stage and implementation of the project regarding sample preparation and the best technical approach to use. We will always be in close contact with our customers to discuss the project details. Due to our experience from the wide variety of projects which we completed since 1993, we can help our customers to design the optimal strategy and assist with the analysis and interpretation of the resulting data.

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Jan Peter is the Manager Operations of BaseClear and supervises our laboratory. He takes care of the quality assurance and make sure all projects are delivered on time and to the satisfaction of the customers.

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