Absence of DNA and viable cells

BaseClear conducts analyses to detect the absence of DNA and viable cell count in final product & release. For approval of food enzymes or food/feed ingredients in the EU by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), a product must be free from production strain DNA and viable cells. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Analysis for EFSA regulatory dossier approval
    Allows for analysis of the presence of DNA from the production strain in the product by strain-specific PCR, following EFSA guidelines.
    A culture-based method is used for the detection of viable cells in the production strain.
  • Flexibility and adaptability
    The customized PCR assay can be easily tailored to suit client-specific requirements, resulting in improved performance. One-time assay setup also allows for repetitive analysis.
  • Pre-screening of production batch samples
    The setup assay can be used for screening production batch samples during the client’s R&D process.
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