Since 1993 BaseClear has developed high-quality genomic applications with academic partners. We highly value these partnerships, and we want to keep developing our services with you. We want to make these genomic solutions available for the academic market, and in this way keep contributing to fundamental scientific research.

Next-Generation sequencing

BaseClear offers complete service packages using innovative Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies. These technologies enable the sequencing of complete genomes, metagenomes or transcriptomes within weeks or even days. For our next generation sequencing services we use the platforms from Illumina, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore Technologies. With these technologies in-house we have the power and flexibility to deliver sequencing projects with the highest quality and shortest possible delivery times.

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Sanger sequencing services

Our Sanger sequencing service package includes several convenient Sanger sequencing options with fast delivery within 24 hours possible. Ordering is easy, by using our online order portal. Our most convenient service is our all-inclusive project sequencing service, which includes all steps necessary to determine the complete sequence of DNA fragments. We also offer several single run services for single Sanger sequencing reactions. For this we also have prepaid possibilities. Finally, for high throughput Sanger sequencing projects we offer specialised and cost-efficient 96-well sequencing services.

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Lab products from Zymo Research

Zymo Research offers innovative products for epigenetics, DNA/RNA extraction and purification, and several other molecular biological lab products. All Zymo Research products can be characterized as simple and reliable products for DNA research. BaseClear is the official and exclusive distributor of Zymo Research products within The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.


As we are convinced that these products will meet your requirements, we offer free sample sized kits for the most popular DNA/RNA isolation kits and DNA methylation kits to experience the quality and ease of use of the Zymo Research products.

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Gene synthesis by BaseGene

BaseClear offers the highest quality clonal, sequence-perfect constructs and at the lowest price per base pair. With our gene synthesis service we deliver constructs ready for use in your application. We deliver  100% sequence-verified, clonal perfect synthetic DNA constructs at the lowest price. Our service includes free subcloning in 7 in-house vectors, subcloning in other vectors is at a small additional charge. We have no minimal order size and no minimal gene length.

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