Diet and animal health & performance

Nutritional immunology is a rapidly growing field which aims to harness the immunomodulatory effects of nutritional ingredients, to support meat and milk production, or high performance. Recently, the microbiome has emerged as a critical piece to the puzzle, which moderates the relationship between feed and health/performance. Increasing evidence demonstrates the interdependence of the gut microbiome and the immune system, raising the possibility that dietary interventions could be used to target gut microbiota composition.

Understanding the relationships between diet, microbiota composition and animal health/performance is now a major area of interest. Such studies have the potential to unlock strategies to manage intestinal health, strengthen immunity and improve feed efficiency. To this end, prebiotics, direct fed microbials, and other nutrients are being explored for their health benefits via optimisation of the gut microbiome.

What BaseClear offers

At BaseClear, our state-of-the-art metagenomics sequencing pipeline and downstream processes are specifically designed to support the exploration of interventions and their effects on microbiota composition in animals. We accurately characterize the taxonomic profiles in your samples, down to a species-level, and have the bioinformatics expertise to help you identify relationships between microbiome characteristics and health/performance indicators. Our offerings include guidance from study design to data analysis and reporting, allowing you to gain deeper insights on the effect of novel nutritional interventions.

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