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Bas Reichert and Erna Barèl, the managing and commercial directors of BaseClear to this day, founded BaseClear in 1993. Bas and Erna foresaw that the DNA sequencing technology would play an increasingly important role in life sciences. Outsourcing DNA sequencing would be interesting for many life science laboratories, they thought. The idea for BaseClear was born.

Since developments in the DNA sequencing market are rapid and unpredictably, in many cases it is more cost efficient for institutes to outsource their sequencing projects than to buy their own DNA sequencing equipment. Next to the high investment cost, things like maintenance and keeping personal trained and up-to-date are often very expensive. Also, since we have years of experience in house, the customer is always guaranteed of the best sequencing results.


Over the years BaseClear extended its service package, although all the services are still based on routine DNA tests. The mycoplasma detection service was the first non-sequencing service, which was started in 1997. In 1998 the gene synthesis service was added, and in 2000 the cloning, genotyping and microbiological services came in. BaseClear's customers were offered more and more possibilities for customised projects. The latest extension of the service package is a set of services for next generation sequencing.


1993: Foundation BaseClear, start with LiCor model 400 sequencer
1994: Move to ABC building in Leiden
1995: Participation in Arabidopsis sequencing project
1996: First capillary sequencer
1997: New mycoplasma test service
1998: New gene synthesis service (8 guilders/bp)
1999: Introduction LIMS
2000: Service package extended (cloning, genotyping and microbiological services)
2001: Six sequencers in production
2002: Expansion of the robotics
2003: Move to the Einsteinweg
        New 3730 multicapillary sequencer
2004: Participation in ESA-MAP project
2005: Start construction extended synthetic gene libraries
2006: ISO 17025 accreditation
2007: Start ZF-tools project in collaboration with ZF-Screens
2008: Start Illumina sequencing services (Illumina GAII)
        Start forensic laboratory
        Official MicroSEQ® service provider
2009: Illumina Certified Service provider (CSPro)
2010: Roche Nimblegen Certified Service provider
2011: Illumina HiSEQ2000 sequencer
2012: VITEK® MS from BioMerieux for MALDI-TOF microbial identifications
        Collaboration with Zymo Research services, offering 5-mC and 5-hmC analysis

2013: Upgrade Illumina HiSEQ2000 to Illumina HiSEQ2500
         Offering PacBio RS sequencing services
2015: Start with Oxford Nanopore sequencing (MinION)
         Dedicated R&D department for custom project
2016: Purchase of PacBio sequel system 


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