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BaseClear BiaNomics can produce high-quality synthetic DNA libraries that can be used as an in vitro molecular evolution strategy. This is the most efficient way to create proteins and regulatory sequences with improved or even novel properties. A library might help improve the half-life of the biomarker or increase its binding affinities to receptors or ligands.

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of libraries and can also produce libraries of large constructs. We can produce libraries with one or more specified mutations or combinations of these. We have fully automated systems for isolation and quantification of DNA, for colony picking and for screening of the libraries. As a result, we can do library projects with very short turnaround times.

Meet Evelien Zeinstra!

Evelien is one our dedicated account managers. She regularly visits customers and gives presentations at exhibitions and conferences. Her main focus is the sales of next generation sequencing services.


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