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BaseClear Bianomics developed a unique service to help customers with the rapid identification and characterization of plasmids. Identification of plasmids and knowledge of their sequences and functions is of increasing importance when working with microorganisms. Also the regulations on bacterial strains and their plasmid content are becoming steadily more stringent, especially because of the dissemination of antibiotic resistance traits.

Plasmids can carry genes that can confer clinically relevant traits, like antibiotic resistance and virulence or that can lead to spoilage of food and feed products. Since plasmids are commonly transmissible between host cells, their accessory genes can spread quickly within a bacterial community. Therefor it is of utmost importance to know the complete genetic content of the microorganisms you are working with.

Identification of unknown plasmids within pure cultures or within communities with traditional methods was difficult. Also determination of the exact sequence of known plasmids was often not possible, for example due to repeat regions. BaseClear BiaNomics has now developed a state-of-the-art plasmid identification service based on the latest next generations sequencing technologies. We can fully sequence and analyse isolated plasmids, solving even complex repeat regions thanks to long read sequencing platforms. In addition, we can screen the genetic content of your strains of interest with our plasmid detection pipeline, which provides a report of high-quality sequences that match with a large and curated plasmid database.

Meet Derek Butler!

Derek is director of our genome analysis and synthetic biology department. In addition to this he works on a number of collaborative research projects with the objective to develop novel and more efficient DNA-related services.


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