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...scientific excellence at BaseClear

BaseClear offers a wide range of bioinformatics solutions, primarily in the area of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis. For this we mainly make a choice out of the most advanced software packages available on the market. However, especially in such a dynamic field as NGS, we frequently develop our own software solutions to fill in the gaps that are not covered by existing tools. Some of our analysis setups are published in collaboration with other groups, in some cases we decide to share stand-alone tools with the scientific community. At present our bioinformatics team has published a number of high-impact papers which underscores the scientific excellence of our team. We see our tools and pipelines as important features that are part of our complete solutions packages. In this manner we can guarantees our customers to receive outstanding results that fully answer their research questions.

Current BaseTools software:



Meet Marten Boertzer!

Marten is one of the excellent bioinformaticians of BaseClear. He has a lot of experience with analyzing NGS data, and he also developed software such as SSPACE and GapFiller.


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