Whitepaper: Species-level community profiling and functional analysis for human microbiome research

Based on number of factors including study design and budgets, you need to decide the approach to use in human microbiome studies. Often this choice is between the low-cost microbial profiling (amplicon/16S sequencing) and the high-cost approach of complete metagenome sequencing (shotgun metagenomics).

BaseClear has now launched a new solution that combines the benefits of both approaches. With our new shallow shotgun sequencing service, we offer a thoroughly tested workflow for cost-efficient species-level community profiling and functional analysis for human microbiome studies. With a limited budget it is now possible to answer questions linking the microbiome to human health and disease, including:

  • How does our treatment change the overall microbiome population compared to controls?
  • Do we find back our probiotic species after a week of consumption?
  • How does this particular diet change the alpha and beta diversity in samples?
  • Are we able to eliminate the microbe of interest in the population that received the treatment

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