Environmental microbiome

BaseClear offers specialized services to identify, quantify and characterize microbes in environmental samples such as soil and water, and to help understand the processes and molecular mechanisms within the community and their environment. Our methods are extremely fast for the screening of complex ecosystems and help to better understand the environmental flora dynamics.  

Microorganisms in soil and water play an important role in ecosystem functioning and are essential for nutrition and health of plants. With our environmental microbiome analysis solutions we identify thousands of microorganisms in one analysis, including non-cultivable microorganisms. Our solutions are based on molecular techniques such as PCR and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), and offer you the possibility for in-depth analysis of microbial communities in environmental samples. Our team of PhD-trained experts and bioinformaticians is happy to support you with study set-up up to the data analysis and interpretation. Our expertise ranges from water microbiome to projects involving metagenomics for oil and gas applications. Contact us to discuss your next project.

Microbial communities in soil and water

The soil and water microbiome play a crucial role in nutrient cycling within an environmental ecosystem. In recent years, thanks to metagenomic next-generation sequencing, we have begun to understand more about the vast diversity of microorganisms in many ecosystems on the planet. There is a complex network of interactions between all forms of life, much of which still needs to be discovered and documented.

The experimental design for this kind of projects is crucial. Our specialists can help decide which strategy should be used for your project for most reliable results. We have advanced pipelines for downstream data analysis and interpretation. In addition we offer a unique interactive online portal for multilevel taxonomic analysis

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Easy-to-interpret tables and figures

Our environmental microbiome analysis protocol includes the generation of easy-to-interpret tables and figures. For example the taxonomic pie chart displayed in the figure provides a clear overview of the taxonomic classifications and relative abundance. Alternatively taxonomic data can be easily (and interactively) explored with zoomable Krona pie chart.

Delivered output for environmental microbiome analysis projects

  • Taxonomy table containing a summary of all read-annotations and their relative abundance.
  • Publication-ready figures and plots (bar chart, pie chart, cladogram).
  • Microbial profiling analysis report containing a summary of the annotation results.
  • Access to our Genome Explorer which allows interactive analyses of the results.
BaseClear Krona chart microbial communty analysis
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