4th Experts Meeting on Microbiome & Skin Health and Disease | December 15, 2020

For the 4th time BaseClear organises an experts meeting dedicated to Microbiome research related to skin health and disease. The meeting will be aired live on Tuesday December 15, 2020. Register now to secure your virtual seat! 

The skin microbiota is the ecosystem of microbes that live on our skin. Research is showing that the skin microbiota plays a crucial role in how our skin looks, feels, and acts. Our skin harbours millions of ‘friendly’ microbes, that protect us day in-and-out. Modern technologies help us to determine the effect of cosmetics, soaps, personal care products, antibiotics, probiotics or other interventions on the skin microbiome. However, challenges remain in skin microbiota research projects and data interpretation.

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  • Dr. Radhika Bongoni | Head of Business Development, BaseClear
  • Dr. Derek Butler | Commercial Director, BaseClear

Session 1: Microbiome & Skin Care
Session starts at 10.30 Central European Time

  • KEYNOTE: Skin microbiome data analysis and challenges associated with compositional data and relative abundances 
    Dr. Riccardo Sfriso | Scientist R&D Skin Care, DSM Personal Care
  • Probiotics and the Gut-Skin axis – What can we learn from the gut?
    Dr. Savanne Holster | Product Manager Skin microbiome, BaseClear
  • From skin microbiome composition to functional analysis: host-microbe interactions in experimental models
    Dr. Gijs Rikken | Research Technician, Radboud UMC Dermatology

Session 2: Microbiome & Skin Disease and Healing
Session starts at 14.30 Central European Time

  • Development of a Live Biotherapeutic to treat diabetic foot ulcer
    Dr. Haritha Samaranayake | Medical Director, Aurealis Therapeutics
  • Skin microbiome analysis in clinical trials
    Dr. Pim Gal | Senior Clinical Scientist, Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR)
  • Cutibacterium as a sentinel of the skin microbiome and its role in health and disease
    Dr. Wesley Carpentier | CCO, S-Biomedic

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