Experts meeting: Leveraging the Animal Microbiome to Achieve Productivity Goals in Livestock Industries – Thursday May 11, 2023

The microbiome plays a crucial role in animal health and performance, influencing a wide range of physiological processes. By understanding the function and composition of the microbiome, targeted interventions can be developed to promote a healthy microbial. community, reducing the risk of disease and improving animal performance and welfare. Data-driven decision making is essential for managing livestock to meet current production and environmental demands. Partnering with genomics experts can help you to convert these data into management decisions and calculate process costs and benefits.

BaseClear invites you to our Experts Meeting focused on bridging the gap between real-life data, and animal health, performance, and welfare traits. Join us on Thursday May 11, 2023 to learn from leading experts about:

  • Holistic nutrition and management practices for supporting a healthy microbiome and decreasing disease.
  • Microbiome-promoting feed additives for increasing animal production.
  • Crucial roles of gut microbiome in immune function and stress prevention.
  • Targeted microbial interventions to enhance animal health and performance

Event Details

Date: Thursday May 11, 2023
Location: BaseClear, Schilperoort Meeting Room, Sylviusweg 74, 2333 BE Leiden, The Netherlands.
The venue is 15 minutes walking distance from Leiden Central Station.
Registration fee: €315,-
Host: Dr. Radhika Bongoni | Commercial Director at BaseClear


  • 14.00 Registration & Coffee
  • 15.00 Opening experts meeting by Dr. Radhika Bongoni, Commercial Director – BaseClear
  • 15.15 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Emma Hernandez-Sanabria, Product Manager – BaseClear
    Uncovering microbial metabolic pathways to deliver value in enhancing animal welfare and performance
  • 15.45 Speaker 2: Dr. Michael Wellington, Research Scientist – Trouw Nutrition R&D Swine
    Understanding the dynamics between gut, the microbiome and the immune system in piglets
  • 16.05 Speaker 3: Dr. Luisa Toro, Regional Manager Europe – Bialtec
    Associations between the intestinal microbiota of piglets, the use of microencapsulated probiotics and their comparison with growth-promoting antibiotics
  • 16.25 Coffee Break
  • 16.45 Speaker 4: Dr. Aoife Corrigan, Research Project Manager – Alltech Biotechnology
    Microbiome-promoting feed additives for health, welfare and sustainability in livestock
  • 17.05 Speaker 5: Dr. Barbara Hostins, R&D Group Leader, Health Solutions – Inve Aquaculture
    Turning probiotic bacteria into an effective microbial management tool for shrimp aquaculture
  • 17.25 Closing Remarks
  • 17.45 Drinks & Dinner (complimentary offered to all participants)

Registration open

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Keynote Speaker: Emma Hernandez-Sanabria, PhD - Product Manager at BaseClear

Revealing microbial metabolic pathways that deliver value in enhancing animal welfare and performance is an important step towards improving animal health and productivity in a sustainable and responsible way. It is an area of ongoing research and innovation that holds promise for the future of animal production. By using genomic technologies, researchers can identify the specific genes and pathways that contribute to the beneficial effects of the microbiome. Embracing differences on inter-individual responses requires targeting highly specific metabolic pathways. Tailored analysis tools have been developed to deliver improved results and enable precise identification of candidate genes for developing customized feeding or management interventions. This information can then be used to engineer effective strategies that can improve animal health and productivity.

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