Experts meeting on Fungal Production Strains & Industrial Applications – Wednesday April 13, 2022

On Wednesday April 13th BaseClear is organizing an in-person Experts Meeting dedicated to fungal production strains and its applications in industries. Topics discussed at this meeting include de novo fungal strain discovery, fungal characterization & EFSA approval, fungal fermentations & process control, fungal strain engineering for the production of novel enzymes, fungal spoilage, and growing a circular economy with fungal biotechnology. Leading experts from both industry and academia will share their research and latest insights on, amongst others;

  • Fungal strain discovery & applications for new enzymes: The rationale behind the selection of fungal species, whole phenotypic and genetic testing, which fungal enzymes are on demand for industrial processes.
  • Fungal fermentations: How fungi help the fermentation process from the selection of different matrices to best conditions for fermentation (e.g. new flavours or beverages).
  • Spoilage: Fungi can cause spoilage in different parts of the production chain of food products, how to identify such fungi and methods of control.
  • Circular economy: How to identify and use fungi to produce new materials, using as base subproducts from other industries / processes.

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Event details

Date: Wednesday April 13, 2022
Location: Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Leiden (Bargelaan 180, Leiden, The Netherlands). 2 minute walking distance from Leiden Central Station.
Registration fee: €350,- excl. VAT
Hosts: Dr. Radhika Bongoni & Dr. Derek Butler

Draft agenda:

  • 9.30 Registration & coffee
  • 10.30 Opening experts meeting by Dr. Derek Butler, CEO BaseClear
  • 10.45 KEYNOTE: Dr. Sharief Barends, Head of Research & Development – IFF
    Fungal biotechnology, role in sustainability & bioeconomy
  • 11.30 Dr. Ivan Valdes Barrera, Product Manager – BaseClear
    Working with fungi: opportunities on the fungal kingdom
  • 12.00 Dr. Hans van den Brink, New Product Development and Strategy for Dairy Enzymes – Chr. Hansen
    Using microbes to produce food ingredients
  • 12.30 Lunch break & networking
  • 13.30 Prof. Dr. Han Wösten, Professor of Microbiology – Utrecht University
    Materialize Fungi
  • 14.00 Dr. Noel van Peij, Principal Scientist Strain Development and Screening – DSM
    Fungal enzyme solutions: Something old and something new
  • 14.30 Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Daran, Professor Biotechnology – Delft University of Technology
    Engineering vitamin independent growth in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: the example of biotin (vitamin B8)
  • 15.00 Afternoon break
  • 16.00 Prof. Dr. Peter Punt, Distinguished Organism Engineer, Ginkgo Bioworks
    Making fungal biology easier to engineer
  • 16.30 Dr. Sonja Billerbeck, Assistant Professor for Molecular Microbiology, University of Groningen
    Engineered and natural yeast killer toxins as novel antifungals and biocontrol agents
  • 17.00 Drinks
  • 18.00 Dinner (complimentary offered to all participants)

Registration open

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Keynote lecture: Dr. Sharief Barends (Head of R&D): Industrial Fungal Biotechnology at IFF

Trichoderma is one of the best-known cellulase-producing organisms. Trichoderma is now widely used for production of not only its own cellulolytic enzymes, but also foreign enzymes. Key to the commercial success of Trichoderma is fast innovation to reduce cycle time, expand the enzyme portfolio and to increase fermentation efficiency and thus reduce protein production cost. Our long history in fungal, and specifically Trichoderma biotechnology allows us to adapt swiftly in a rapidly changing environment.

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