BaseClear routinely organises experts meetings wherein scientists, researchers, regulatory managers and application specialist meet, share and discuss microbiome projects, challenges and opportunities. For the 4th time we organise an experts meeting dedicated to Microbiome research related to skin health and personal care products. The meeitng is scheduled for Tuesday December 15, 2020. 

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The skin microbiota is the ecosystem of microbes that live on our skin. Research is showing that the skin microbiota plays a crucial role in how our skin looks, feels, and acts. Our skin harbours millions of ‘friendly’ microbes, that protect us day in-and-out. Modern technologies help us to determine the effect of cosmetics, soaps, personal care products, antibiotics, probiotics or other interventions on the skin microbiome. However, challenges remain in skin microbiota research projects and data interpretation.

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Meet Radhika Bongoni!

Radhika is our Head of Business Development. She is specialised in microbiome analysis and regulatory affairs and its applications in Human Health, Personal Care and Animal Nutrition. Radhika received her Ph.D. in Food technology from Wageningen University and an MBA from Tias School for Business & Society. With techno-commercial expertise, she is involved in business growth and market penetration by fostering relationships with partners. Prior to BaseClear, Radhika was responsible for establishing dietary supplements market in western Europe, India, South Africa and Russia.

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