Live Biotherapeutic Products Webinar | Tuesday October 25, 2022

BaseClear organised an online expert meeting on Current challenges of developing Live Biotherapeutic Products and how to overcome them.

The webinar was held on Tuesday, October 25th starting at 15.30 CET / 14.30 BST / 9.30 EST. 

Our expert speakers Dennis Kap (BaseClear), Benoit Palms (IFF), Moira Monika Schuler (WACKER) and Magali Cordaillat-Simmons (Pharmabiotic Research Institute (PRI) shared their knowledge on the challenges and solutions connected to LBP production.We also touched upon production and manufacturing challenges as well as regulatory affairs for LBPs.

Event information


Derek Butler, PhD – CEO

Radhika Bongoni, PhD – Commercial Director



15.30 Safety Assessment of LBPs (BaseClear / Dennis Kap)

15.40 Screening for Candidates (IFF / Benoit Palms)

15.50 Production Challenges & Opportunities (Wacker / Moira Monika Schuler)

16.00 Regulatory Landscape (PRI / Magali Cordaillat-Simmons)




Webinar Summary

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With her passion for health and wellbeing, Radhika enjoys contributing to sustainability, and to the development of products that will benefit the end user and improve their quality of living. To this end, Radhika heads the commercial activities at BaseClear. “My diverse industry experience helps me envisage out-of-the-box solutions for our customers and to enter to new markets as a company” says Radhika. “It’s crucial that I can identify our customer needs and market trends to steer product development at BaseClear.”

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