Experts Meeting – Microbiome-Friendly Cosmetic Ingredients and Formulations | Tuesday May 17, 2022

On Tuesday May 17th, BaseClear organises an online experts meeting dedicated to microbiome-friendly claims for personal care ingredients and formulations. In this experts meeting we will discuss the science, definitions, testing, and applications for microbiome-friendliness of personal care products. The meeting will be aired live on Tuesday May 17, starting at 16.00 CET / 15.00 BST / 10.00 EST. Register now to secure your virtual seat! 

Our skin harbours millions of ‘friendly’ microbes, that protect us day in- and-out. Modern technologies help us to determine the effect of cosmetics, soaps, personal care products, antibiotics, probiotics or other interventions on the skin microbiota. However, the right testing methods and expertise is required to demonstrate the ‘microbiome-friendliness’ of your product, and to put claims with rigorous scientific justification on your products. BaseClear is hosting an online experts meeting to discuss microbiome-friendly concept for ingredients & formulations, market trends and different applications.

Event information


  • Dr. Radhika Bongoni – Head of Business Development, BaseClear

Session starts at 16.0 CET / 15.00 BST / 10.00 EST

  • Measuring the microbiome: Path towards products that are friendly to the microbiome
    Paola Lisotto – Product Manager Skin Health & Personal Care, BaseClear
  • Microbiome-friendly cosmetics: the skin perspective & formulation tips
    Sebastien Mongiat – Head of Global Application & Customer Support, DSM Nutritional Products
  • What does microbiome-friendly mean for oral healthcare products?
    Dr. Rob Howlin – Microbiologist, GSK Consumer Healthcare
  • Development and commercialization of microbiome based products for skin issues
    Dr. Søren Kjærulff – CEO, Lactobio

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With her passion for health and wellbeing, Radhika enjoys contributing to sustainability, and to the development of products that will benefit the end user and improve their quality of living. To this end, Radhika heads the commercial activities at BaseClear. “My diverse industry experience helps me envisage out-of-the-box solutions for our customers and to enter to new markets as a company” says Radhika. “It’s crucial that I can identify our customer needs and market trends to steer product development at BaseClear.”

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