Due to national holidays (Ascension Day), BaseClear will be closed on Thursday 26 May and Friday 27 May. Samples cannot be received and registered these days. For any questions about this, please contact your account manager or info@baseclear.com.

Advanced bioinformatics & biostatistics

BaseClear offers a wide range of advanced bioinformatics and biostatistics solutions, primarily in the areas of genomics and microbiomics data analysis. Our state-of-the-art analysis guarantee high quality results and clear answers to your research questions. With decades of experience, our bioinformatics team can assist you with answering a wide range of microbial genomics questions ranging from differential gene expression analysis, to key microbial biomarker discovery, pathogen detection, as well as custom bioinformatics analyses.

Our advanced bioinformatics and biostatistics solutions

Testimonial International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)

The support that BaseClear has provided in the field of bioinformatics and downstream processing of next generation sequencing data has been extremely important for us. There are of course other organisations that offer this kind of services, but that does not mean that you get everything you need. BaseClear's expert service is unique and represents one of their great strengths.

Meet Walter Pirovano!

As the Manager of Innovation, Walter supports BaseClear’s mission to create solutions that accelerate the understanding of microorganisms and to find applications that improve health and wellbeing.  He is personally driven to combine all available expertise and technologies and translate these into new products that meet the needs of our partners. His team of Product Managers has a strong background in microbiology and genomics. Together they form the basis of scientific excellency of our innovation group.

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