Fragment analysis

Fragment analysis is used for a wide variety project involving genotyping, DNA profiling, and mutation analysis. Applications include microsatellite analysis (STR and VNTR), AFLP, T-RLFP and SNP genotyping. BaseClear offers a fast and reliable fragment analysis services. We offer ready-to-run services, with this the size standard is added to the samples by the customer. Alternatively we can dilute your samples and add a size standard to your samples. Our fragment analysis service is performed on dedicated ABI3730 sequencers for accurate size calling.


  • Convenient online order portal
  • Independent service laboratory, using GMP and ISO17025 compliant methods
  • Fast delivery of results (usually 1-2 days)
  • Several dye sets calibrated
  • Dedicate Applied Biosystems 3730 Genetic Analyzers
  • Automated and optimized protocols for constant and optimal results
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