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Behavioural genetics examines the origin of variations in human behaviour. More specifically, it addresses to what extend variations in genetic disposition and environmental factors account for individual differences in mental and physical health and behaviour.

BaseClear offers a broad package of services for the analysis of genetic variations. In recent years we have developed a range of genotyping tests that type polymorphisms in genes that are potentially involved in human behaviour. Most of the genetic variation that is being used in behavioural genetics relates to either SNP’s (single nucleotide polymorphisms) or VNTR (variable number of tandem repeats). BaseClear uses a combination of PCR, DNA sequencing and DNA fragment analysis to very accurately type these mutations.

Full service including DNA purification in low and high throughput

Samples may be delivered as purified DNA or as raw material (either buccal swabs, saliva or blood). We can also provide buccal swabs for collection of samples together with collection protocols. BaseClear has fully automated systems to isolate and quantify DNA from various sources in high throughput format and can perform the genetic testing of many samples per order.

Our possibilities include: 
  • DRD2 (SNP) 
  • DRD4 receptor (VNTR and SNP) 
  • DAT1 (VNTR) 
  • 5HTT (VNTR and SNP) 
  • COMT (SNP) 
  • OXTR (SNP) 
  • GABA receptor (SNP)


Is your gene of interest not listed?

We have many more assays, and are also happy to design new genotyping tests for any gene of interested. Depended on the expected number of samples, design is usually done free of charge.


You can provide a number of different sample types including buccal swabs, saliva samples (e.g. oragene collection bottles), blood or DNA. Please always use an order form to send along with your samples.

You receive... Report of the genetic variation analysis, in Excel format. The delivery time will depend on the specifications of your project, but will usually be done in 2 or 3 weeks.

Meet Patrick Koning!

Patrick is our Director Marketing & Communications. Together with Anita Kok he is responsible for all marketing activities of BaseClear.

Testimonial TNO Quality of Life

What I appreciate in BaseClear is their flexibility. the result of which are visible in tailored customer-specific agreements. BaseClear has an open mind with regards to the wishes of their customers. If we need a project that deviates from their standard services, they will always find a solution.

Senior Research Assistant Microbiology & Systems Biology


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