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Our re-sequencing service is helpful to discover and confirm SNPs, to identify chromosomal rearrangements, to map break points and to detect rare variants. With our many years of experience, highly qualified specialists and state-of-the-art technologies we offer re-sequencing projects with fast delivery times, the highest quality and at competitive prices. We can provide complete start-to-finish project management with standard or customized analysis and data reporting. Our highly qualified staff is always willing to discuss your project to see how we can help you reach your research goals as fast as possible.


Although we have completed many projects involving human, animal or plant genomes, we have a strong focus on microbial genomes (bacteria, fungi, , yeast, algae, viruses, with genome sizes ranging up to 50 Mbp). We have sequenced and assembled significant numbers of bacteria (including E. coli, Bacillus, Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, actinomycetes, Neisseria), fungi and yeast (such as S. cerevisiae, Aspergillus, Tricoderma) and viruses (Influenza, Adenovirus, etc.). 


  • Our specialists can help you to decide which strategy should be used for best results
  • The final sequencing strategy is determined in close collaboration between the customer and our product specialist
  • Guaranteed fast delivery times possible with our premium RAPID run services
  • Strong focus on microbial genomes
  • Project size ranging from one genome to several hundreds genomes
  • Multiplex options available to sequence multiple samples in a single lane by adding sequence indexes to a library
  • Delivery time is dependent on when we receive the samples, run type and number of lanes, please discuss this with our specialists


Click here to read more about our bioinformatics options for re-sequencing projects

Meet Adalberto Costessi!

Adalberto is manager of our Next Generation sequencing (NGS) department and is also responsible for the development of new related technologies.

Testimonial University of East Anglia

The fact that we keep coming back to BaseClear means that we are really satisfied. Both their service and their turnaround time are excellent. I also really appreciate the fact that BaseClear staff are very helpful when it comes to solving a problem, even when it is not their responsibility

Director of Research Biological Sciences


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