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This summer BaseClear offers RNA sequencing services for only 369,- EUR / sample! This price includes strand specific mRNA library prep (TruSeq) and 20 Mio sequencing reads (Illumina HiSeq, Singe Read 50 bp). Optionally we offer rRNA depletion for 99,- EUR / sample and differential gene expression analysis for only 49,95 EUR / sample.

This limited offer is valid for the first 288 RNA-seq samples that reach BaseClear before the 30th of September, 2017. You can send in only one sample or claim all samples at once.

With our transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq) service you can discover and profile the entire transcriptome of your species of interest. With no probes or primers to design, our RNA-Seq method can deliver unbiased and unparalleled information about gene expression levels. BaseClear offers strand-specific transcriptome analysis based on sequencing on the Illumina platforms, as well as full-length transcript analysis on the PacBio Sequel. The sequencing strategy is determined in close collaboration between the customer and our Product Managers.


We have completed many transciptomic sequencing projects involving for instance human and plant samples. In addition we have a strong focus on microbial organisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, viruses). We have special transcriptomics protocols available for bacterial and fungal samples.


  • Our specialists can be of assistance with the experimental design of your projects
  • The sequencing strategy is determined in close collaboration between the customer and our product specialist
  • Guaranteed fast delivery times possible with our premium RAPID run services 
  • Strand-specific mRNA sequencing protocols 
  • Special protocol for bacterial and fungal samples available 
  • Extensive data-analysis options
  • Sequencing at the lowest cost per basepair
  • BaseClear is an independent service laboratory using ISO17025 and GMP compliant methods
  • Many satisfied customers worldwide



BaseClear offers standard and custom downstream bioinformatics services for RNA-seq projects, including expression analysis, statistical interpretation, isoform detection and functional analysis. Read more about these possibilities on our RNA-seq analysis page.

Meet Adalberto Costessi!

Adalberto is Product Manager Next Generation Sequencing and responsible for the development of new applications and technologies.

Testimonial TNO Quality of Life

What I appreciate in BaseClear is their flexibility. the result of which are visible in tailored customer-specific agreements. BaseClear has an open mind with regards to the wishes of their customers. If we need a project that deviates from their standard services, they will always find a solution.

Senior Research Assistant Microbiology & Systems Biology


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