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Illumina sequencing

BaseClear offers Illumina sequencing services on the NovaSeq 6000 and MiSeq systems. These systems employs Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology, which is the most widely adopted next-generation sequencing technology at this moment. Illumina sequencing, powered by TruSeq technology, delivers the highest yield of error-free data for the most sensitive or complex sequencing samples. With this we offer efficient and powerful high-throughput sequencing services for a broad range of applications.

BaseClear has chosen to focus on a limited number of applications to offer expert solutions with a clear additional value for selected research areas. For these selected applications we offer all-inclusive solutions, which include consultancy on project strategy, sample preparation, sequencing and bioinformatic support.

For Illumina NovaSeq sequencing these applications include microbial genome De Novo or re-sequencing, transcriptome analyses (RNA-seq) and metagenomics. For Illumina MiSeq sequencing the most important application is microbiome analysis.


  • BaseClear is Illumina Certified Service Provider (CSPro)
  • Guaranteed fast delivery times with our premium services
  • Illumina NovaSeq 6000 sequencing optimized for key applications such as bacterial and fungal genome sequencing and transcriptome analyses (RNA-seq)
  • MiSeq sequencing optimized for key applications such as microbiome analysis
  • Extensive bioinformatic data analyses: assembly, annotation, SNP detection, etc.
  • Online data analysis through our in-house developed Genome Explorer.
  • Independent service laboratory, GMP and ISO17025 compliant methods
  • Exceptional data quality
  • Many satisfied customers worldwide

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