Nanopore sequencing services

Based on the innovative technology of Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT), BaseClear offers ultra fast and long-read sequencing services. Read lengths are determined by preparation, the longest single read using nanopore sequencing is over 4.000.000 base pairs. This has particular benefits when assembling large, complex genomes, resolving structural variation or wishing to explore large metagenomic communities.


Applications of ONT sequencing

BaseClear offers a complete end-to-end nanopore sequencing workflow including sampling solutions, DNA extraction, library preparation to sequencing and analysis. In addition we provide consultancy and support for project design. Key applications include;

  • Ultra-fast microbial genome sequencing: Within 5 business days, BaseClear can bring your culture to a fully assembled genome! Discover our Genome-in-a-Week solution.
  • Sequencing of large and complex genomes: Improve existing assemblies or create accurate de novo assemblies using long reads to resolve challenging regions. Direct sequencing removes the requirement for amplification, eliminating PCR bias.
  • Rapid pathogen analysis. Real-time data streaming allows immediate analysis for rapid access to results, which is of critical importance in outbreak management and disease surveillance.
  • Metagenomics analysis of complex environmental samples. Ultra-long reads enhance species identification. Accurate sub-species level microbe identification from closely related and mixed populations.

Certified service provider for Nanopore sequencing

BaseClear works with the innovative Nanopore sequencing technology of Oxford Nanopore Technologies since 2014. In 2017 BaseClear became the first certified Nanopore sequencing service provider of Oxford Nanopore Technologies (see also BaseClear is deeply experienced with nanopore sequencing, having used the innovative nanopore technology as one of the early adopters.

BaseClear supports a wide range of projects, including structural analysis of synthetic DNA constructs, the rapid assembly of complex microbial genomes as well as large animal genomes and the ultra-large tulip genome, which is 11 times larger than the human genome. We also offer metagenomics analysis of complex environmental samples using nanopore technology.

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