From culture to fully assembled genome in 5 business days

As an independent contract lab in the Leiden Bio Science Park in Leiden, The Netherlands, BaseClear has 30 years expertise in microbial genomics. As the first certified Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) provider in the world, we offer ultra-fast ONT sequencing services. With a dedicated team of scientists, we can deliver assembled microbial genomes within 5 business days, guaranteed. Our services use state-of-the-art ONT and validated pipelines.

Simply provide good quality pure bacterial, yeast, fungal, phage, viral or plasmid samples and you will receive a completely assembled genome within 5 business days.

Benefits of our genome-in-a-week package:

  • Ultra-fast delivery times
  • Validated in-house protocols
  • Ability to work with any batch sizes
  • Powered by gridION and promethION
  • 100% in-house and full control on the workflow
  • 30 years expertise in microbial genomics
  • Oxford Nanopore Technologies Certified Commercial Provider since 2017
  • Project management and dedicated tech support team

Applications of whole genome sequencing:

  • Dossier for genetically modified strains
  • EFSA/FDA microbial ingredient filing
  • Detection of structural variants and repititive regions
  • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) profiles
  • Novel species identification and characterization
  • Quality control of microbial production strains and processes
  • Rapid pathogen analysis

Additional Services available! For higher eukaryotic genomes (humans, animals, plants), shotgun metagenomics, or amplicon sequencing, get in touch with your account manager, or submit your project details in the section on the right.

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  • Sample Submission

    Prepare your samples according to the respective sample submission guidelines and ship them to us.

  • Order Received

    We will receive your samples, isolate high molecular weight DNA, perform QC and library using the most up to date protocols.

  • ONT Sequencing

    GridION or promethION will be used to sequence your samples with the latest R10.4.1 flow cells on high accuracy mode.

  • BioInformatics

    After sequencing, your samples will be assembled and annotated.

  • Deliverables

    You will receive the raw reads (.fastq), assembled and annotated genome, and the report – which you can download from our order portal.

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