From culture to fully assembled genome in 5 business days with BaseClear’s Genome-in-a-week solution

BaseClear now offers a dedicated solution to sequence your microbial genomes within 1 week. Simply provide your pure bacterial, yeast or fungal strain(s) to BaseClear, and you will receive a completely assembled genome within 5 business days.

This ultra-fast service is based on the powerful ONT nanopore technology that BaseClear has been offering since 2017 as the first certified service provider worldwide. With this technology we generate long sequencing reads, reads in excess of 4 Mb have been demonstrated. The great overlap offered by long sequencing reads enhances genome assembly, resulting in complete microbial genome assemblies for many different microbial species.

Benefits of our Genome-in-a-Week package:

Our Genome-in-a-Week package

Our Genome-in-a-Week package includes all the steps required to generate a fully assembled genome, starting from a pure culture. 

  • DNA isolation from bacteria, yeast or fungi: tailored and optimized for long read sequencing
  • ONT genomic DNA (gDNA) sample preparation
  • ONT sequencing with sufficient sequencing depth
  • Genome assembly using proprietary bioinformatics tools to obtain the best structural quality

All these steps are completed within 5 business days. Additional possibilities of our Genome-in-a-week package include:

  • Sequence polishing using Illumina sequencing (additional costs and delivery time), e.g. required for EFSA-compliant genome characterizations.
  • For even faster, ultra-premium projects please contact your account manager to discuss the possibilities.

Applications for complete genome sequencing

Sequencing entire bacterial, fungal, or other microbial genomes is important for the generation of accurate reference genomes, microbial identification, and other comparative genomic studies. Applications include;

  • Strain safety assessment and characterization as required for regulatory dossier submission
  • Identification of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) profiles
  • Novel species identification and characterization
  • Quality control of microbial production strains and processes
  • Rapid pathogen analysis

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Ivan Valdes Barrera is the fungal genomics expert within the Product Manager team, and clearly likes a challenge. With expertise in both the laboratory and bioinformatics, he’s enjoying the fast pace and dynamic environment he finds at BaseClear. “I never stop learning in my job. It’s great to have such a wide variety of different projects. I’m really happy with the opportunities to apply my skills and knowledge to support clients in getting the most value out of their research.“ 

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