PacBio sequencing services

BaseClear offers high quality sequencing services using the latest platform from Pacific Biosciences, the PacBio Sequel II. With this PacBio platform BaseClear offers real-time sequencing of single molecules with read lenghts up to 30.000 base pairs. This long-read data has added value for de novo assembly, targeted sequencing, detection of structural variation and the direct detection of base modification. PacBio sequencing is often used for closing the genomes of bacteria, fungi and other organisms. 

PacBio sequencing applications

Sequencing on the PacBio platforms can be used in addition to our services based on the Illumina or Nanopore platforms. True whole genome sequencing with the PacBio systems provides complete and accurate views of all types of genomic variation, revealing SNPs/SNVs, structural variants, mobile elements, haplotypes and variants in low-complexity regions. This allows us to:

  • Perform complete microbial characterisation in a single experiment
  • Produce high-quality reference genomes for complete gene discovery
  • Use the Pac Bio technology to create exceptional genome de novo assemblies
  • Resolve structural variation across the complete size spectrum with base pair resolution
  • Reconstruct intact genes and gene clusters
  • Clarify the role of mobile elements in drug resistance and transmission
  • Assess the contribution of DNA modification on pathogenesis

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