Sanger sequencing & GMP services

BaseClear offers a complete range of Sanger sequencing services, from GMP grade, high-end and all-inclusive custom solutions, to convenient and cost-efficient single run Sanger sequencing options. By choosing BaseClear, you opt for Sanger sequencing expertise since 1993, a convenient online order portal, fast, overnight delivery, GMP compliant methods and automated & optimized protocols. Just submit your sample and reference sequence (if available), and get ready to receive the results on the next business day.


Our GMP sequencing service

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Sanger sequencing services


Through our GMP brand, ProBase Pharma offers a highly precise and reliable sequencing service that covers all steps necessary to determine complete double-stranded sequences. Our most exclusive and all-in service is our ‘Project sequencing’ service, which includes all steps necessary to determine the complete sequence of DNA fragments.


When read length, quality of data and customizability is an important factor. We offer flexible and convenient single run sequencing services which results are guaranteed when it comes to customer wishes and competitive pricing.

GMP Sanger sequencing

Project sequencing

Service Highly precise and reliable Includes DNA/RNA isolation, primer synthesis & walking
Flexibility Validated per ICH guidelines All-inclusive (available under GMP)
Turnaround time 2 weeks 1-2 weeks

Full 24H sequencing

Quick shot sequencing

BarCode sequencing

Service Best sequencing results Short (550 bp) or long reactions (1100 bp) Most affordable (prepaid barcodes)
Flexibility Flexible and convenient Highly flexible Standard 1100 bp sequencing
Turnaround time
1 day 1-2 days 1-2 days








For routine sequencing analysis of large numbers of samples. Our state-of-the- art robotics and automated protocols guarantee fast and accurate results, and offers a significant cost reduction compared to single run sequencing.


BaseClear offers a fast and reliable fragment analysis services. We offer ready-to-run services, with this the size standard is added to the samples by the customer. Alternatively we can dilute your samples and add a size standard to your samples.

96-well sequencing

Service Highly competitive pricing
Flexibility Fast and accurate results
Turnaround time 1-2 days

Fragment analysis

Service Automated and optimized protocols for constant and optimal results
Flexibility Fast delivery of results
Turnaround time 1-2 days


Our workflow






Whole Plasmid Sequencing

Plasmids play a crucial role in molecular biology research, as they often carry genes that confer advantageous traits such as antibiotic resistance or the ability to produce specific proteins. Understanding the sequence of a plasmid is essential for unraveling its function and studying its interactions within microbial communities.


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