Sanger sequencing

BaseClear offers Sanger sequencing services since 1993. Our service package includes several high-end and convenient Sanger sequencing options. Our most exclusive and all-in service is our Project sequencing service, which includes all steps necessary to determine the complete sequence of DNA fragments. We also offer several single run sequencing services for single Sanger sequencing runs of up to 1.100 nt. Finally, for high throughput Sanger sequencing projects we offer specialised and cost-efficient 96-well sequencing services.


  • Convenient online order portal
  • Independent certified service laboratory
  • GMP and ISO17025 compliant methods
  • Excellent service and support from our product specialists
  • Sufficient capacity guaranteed
  • Fast delivery within 24 hours possible
  • From single samples to large sample quantities for high throughput sequencing
  • Free trial available to get acquainted with our service
BaseClear Sanger sequencing services

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