Sanger sequencing services

BaseClear offers a complete range of Sanger sequencing services, from GMP grade, high-end and all-inclusive solutions, to convenient and cost-efficient single run Sanger sequencing options. Our most exclusive and all-inclusive service is our ‘Project sequencing’ service, which includes all steps necessary to determine the complete sequence of DNA fragments. Just submit your sample and reference sequence (if available), and leave the work to  BaseClear. In addition we offer several convenient single run services for Sanger sequencing runs of up to 1.100 nt. Finally, for high-throughput Sanger sequencing projects we offer specialised and cost efficient 96-well sequencing services.

By choosing BaseClear you opt for Sanger sequencing expertise since 1993, a convenient online order portal, fast delivery (possible within 24 hours!), GMP compliant methods and automated & optimized protocols. In addition, BaseClear has special protocols available for complicated samples such as siRNA, genomic DNA (gDNA), large DNA constructs including BAC, PAC, cosmid, lambda, and GC-rich DNA. Additionally BaseClear offers possibilities for DNA purification, primer design and synthesis and data analysis.

Our Sanger sequencing services

Premium services

  • GMP Sanger sequencing: Highly precise and reliable GMP sequencing service that covers all steps necessary to determine complete sequences. Sequencing methods validated per ICH guidelines.
  • Project sequencing: An exclusive and convenient service to determine accurately the sequence of (large) DNA fragments. Simply submit your samples and a reference sequence and leave the work to BaseClear.

Single run services

  • Full 24H sequencing: The best sequencing results are guaranteed when it comes to read length, quality of data and customer wishes.
  • Quick Shot sequencing:  A flexible and convenient sequencing service at a competitive price for research purposes.
  • Prepaid BarCode sequencing: Sequencing at the lowest available price. Prepaid barcode labels can be ordered, each valid for one sequencing reaction.

High-throughput services

  • 96-well sequencing: For routine sequencing analysis of large numbers of samples. Our state-of-theart robotics and automated protocols guarantee fast and accurate results, and offers a significant cost reduction compared to single run sequencing.


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GMP Sanger sequencing

BaseClear offers a highly precise and reliable GMP certified Sanger sequencing services that covers all steps necessary to determine complete double-stranded sequences. It is commonly used for confirmation of the sequence and integrity of a gene or plasmid and prior to cloning or transfection into a cell line or viral vector.


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