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This convenient service includes all steps necessary to determine the complete double- or single-stranded sequences of (large) DNA fragments. Sequencing can be performed for one or for both DNA strands. Double-stranded DNA sequencing results in a higher accuracy of the sequence data. BaseClear can design the necessary primers based on an available reference sequence. If a reference sequence is not available, or if a clone contains an unknown insert, the DNA can be sequenced by using a primer walking strategy.  

BaseClear's project sequencing service includes: 

  • Design and synthesis of all necessary PCR and/or sequencing primers 
  • If necessary template preparation: (RT)-PCR and/or purification of DNA samples
  • DNA concentration measurements
  • Optimal sequencing reaction, if necessary under specific conditions (e.g. in case of GC-rich DNA)  
  • Assembly and manual editing of the sequence data into a contig sequence 
  • Comparison of sample contig sequence to a reference sequence if available
  • Customer will be informed regularly about the progress
  • Extensive advice for special projects
  • Delivery time depends on read length and sequencing strategy.
  • Additional coverage possible upon request

GMP sequencing (Sanger)

BaseClear offers GMP Sanger sequencing through their joint venture ProBase Pharma. For more information about ProBase Pharma, please visit

Meet Leon de Boer!

Leon is manager of our Sanger sequencing department and responsible for the quality assurance and the delivery of data at the agreed upon times. He always runs a final check before data are sent off to the customers.


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