Project sequencing

This exclusive and convenient service includes all steps necessary to determine the complete sequence of (large) DNA fragments. Simply submit your samples and a reference sequence and leave the work to BaseClear. We design and synthesize all primers necessary. If a reference sequence is not available, or if a clone contains an unknown insert, we sequence the DNA by using a primer walking strategy. We assemble the sequence data and compare these to the reference sequence (if available).


  • Easy ordering via our online portal
  • Single- or double-stranded DNA sequencing, double-stranded sequencing results in a higher accuracy of the sequence data (additional coverage possible on request)
  • Design and synthesis of all necessary PCR and/or sequencing primers included
  • If necessary template preparation: (RT)-PCR and/or purification of DNA samples
  • DNA concentration measurements
  • Optimal sequencing reactions (e.g. in case of GC-rich DNA)
  • Manual editing of the sequence data
  • Assembly into a contig sequence
  • Comparison of contig sequence to a reference sequence (if available)
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BaseClear offers GMP Sanger sequencing services through our daughter company ProBase Pharma. ProBase Pharma offers a highly precise and reliable sequencing service that covers all steps necessary to determine complete double-stranded sequences. It is commonly used for confirmation of the sequence and integrity of a gene or plasmid and prior to cloning or transfection into a cell line or viral vector.

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