With our RNA sequencing (transcriptomics) service you can discover and profile the entire transcriptome of your species of interest. With no probes or primers to design, our RNA-Seq method can deliver unbiased and unparalleled information about gene expression levels. BaseClear offers strand-specific RNA-seq analysis based on sequencing on the Illumina platforms, as well as full-length transcriptome analysis on the PacBio Sequel. The RNA sequencing strategy is determined in close collaboration between the customer and our Product Managers.

Why choose our RNA-seq service?

  • Years of experience in human, plant, bacterial and fungal transcriptome sequencing projects
  • Special RNA sequencing protocols for bacterial and fungal samples available
  • Guaranteed fast delivery times with our premium services
  • Strand-specific mRNA sequencing protocols
  • Our specialists can assist you with the experimental design of your RNA-seq projects
  • RNA sequencing at the lowest cost per base pair
  • BaseClear offers standard and custom downstream bioinformatics services for RNA-seq projects, including expression analysis, statistical interpretation, isoform detection and functional gene analysis.
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Probiotic and production strain characterization

For nutrition or health claims the Food Safety Authority (EFSA or FDA) requires full knowledge of the organism you are working with. Our BiaNomics business unit can facilitate this with a complete genome based strain characterization service, including copy number and gene expression analysis. In additon BiaNomics offers a unique antibiotic resistance gene screening based on a highly curated CARD database, and production strain analysis and annotation.

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Small-RNA sequencing service

Our small RNA sequencing and analysis service allows the discovery of rare small RNA without previous sequence or secondary structure information in any organism. BaseClear applies the latest randomized adapter protocols by Bioo Scientific that were developed to drastically reduce the bias in small RNA analysis compared to the standard protocols. With this service we can find novel small RNA and analyse the differential expression of all small RNAs in your sample simultaneously.


  • Removal of small-RNA adapter sequences
  • Alignment of and annotation of small RNA sequences based on species-specific datasets (among which miRBase, Ensemble)
  • Counting and clustering of annotated small RNA sequences
  • The bioinformatics strategy will be determined in close collaboration between the customer and our bioinformatics specialist
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Bioinformatics options for RNA-seq service

With our RNA-seq service we offer complete bioinformatics solutions. Options include gene expression analysis and isoform detection. Our bioinformatics department has developed state-of-the-art RNA-Seq and gene expression analysis pipelines. Our standard service includes a number of quality control steps based on the overall distribution of gene expression in the samples. All comparisons and tests include a P-value analysis to ensure the statistical significance of your results. Of course, tailored strategies are also offered. Our managers are happy to discuss your project in detail, to make sure that your research questions are answered. The ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the best possible answers to their RNA sequencing analysis research questions.

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