Diet & lifestyle

Accumulating evidence suggests that the gut microbiome is in close communication with our immune and central nervous systems. Therefore, unravelling the effect of diet, exercise, stress and other lifestyle factors on the gut microbiome could have wide-reaching consequences and is a major priority for the field.

Although the mechanisms remain largely unknown, certain diets and activity levels have been correlated with different microbial composition and diversity. By understanding how gut microbes and their metabolites influence our susceptibility to various diseases, we could develop strategies to optimise our health.

BaseClear solutions for researching the influence of diet and lifestyle changes on the gut microbiome

BaseClear offers complete microbiome analysis solutions which are ideally suited to those studying diet and lifestyle effects on the microbiome. We provide species-level taxonomic analysis by shallow shotgun sequencing and functional characterisation and can support you from study design through to analysis and reporting.

Diet & Lifestyle


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