Blood microbiome analysis

The blood microbiome is novel concept and research area with major potential clinical implications. Determining the presence of bacteria in blood is of particular interest in the context of blood transfusions, where transfusion-transmitted bacterial infections are a concern.

Exploring the roles, functions and identity of microorganisms in blood is a major priority for the field, and thorough experimental designs are needed to rule out contamination and technical biases as confounding factors. To support investigations into the human blood microbiome, BaseClear offers complete microbiome analysis solutions, from study design to reporting.

The blood microbiome

Evidence to support the existence of a human blood microbiome has accumulated, with a number of studies reporting the presence of bacterial DNA in the blood of healthy individuals. These reports have been met with scepticism, given that blood has traditionally been considered to be a sterile environment. However, a range of techniques point towards the existence of a blood microbiome, including 16S metagenomics sequencing, and further studies are warranted for this unique microbiome.

Blood microbiome research

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