Onco-microbiome analysis

The concept of the cancer microbiome naturally emerged following many studies highlighting complex interactions between gut microbiota and the immune system. Carcinogenic roles have been ascribed to distinct members of the microbiota, while overall microbiome changes are likely to impact cancer onset, progression and therapy response.

Indeed, taxonomic analysis of intestinal microbiota of cancer patients reveal differences in microbiota composition and diversity between responders and non-responders. BaseClear provides support to researchers studying the cancer microbiome through our shotgun-based metagenome sequencing and biostatistical analysis services.

The cancer microbiome

It is hoped that by unravelling the oncobiome, many opportunities will be unlocked for therapeutic and diagnostic development. The identification of microbiome signatures associated with a positive cancer treatment response is expected to improve predictions of cancer progression and therapy response. To achieve these goals, key questions must be addressed, such as: which species affect cancer phenotypes? What are the mechanisms behind these interactions?

Deepening our understanding of the relationship between the microbiota and cancer onset and progression is a major priority for the field, and BaseClear is well positioned to provide support through metagenomic sequencing and biostatistical analysis.

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Blood microbiome research

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