Skin microbiome analysis

We are only just recognizing the true potential of the ecosystem of microorganisms that inhabit our skin. Our microbiome is unique and personal to us. Understanding more about the microbiome, and particularly the skin microbiome and all its niches, is essential to furthering our knowledge and appreciation of how it affects our skin health and appearance.

Awareness of the importance of the skin microbiome is growing in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and their customers. Consumers want products that do not harm the skin’s healthy microbial balance, both for fully formulated products and their individual components. The addition of prebiotics, probiotics, bio-active components and preservatives to a formulation can help to maintain the microbiome’s natural balance, and specifically promote beneficial microbes. In vitro research and clinical trials that include skin microbiome profiling and metagenomic analysis are necessary to show efficacy in microbiome-friendly products.

Microbial testing and claim substantiation for cosmetics and dermatological products

We at BaseClear believe that skin microbiome research will help people attain a healthy skin with a balanced microbiome. Using our genomics and microbiome-application expertise, BaseClear can help you analyse the skin microbiome in its entirety, down to species or even strain level, to measure differences between treatments and determine how the product interacts with the microbiome. We can support you in all requirements needed to demonstrate the efficacy of a personal care product in the context of the microbiome, or to put claims such as “microbiome friendly” on a product.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • One-stop shop for recruitment, testing and analysing the effects of a product on skin health and the skin microbiome
  • Comprehensive set of microbial genomics based analysis services, including metagenomics and metatranscriptomics with low-biomass samples like skin swabs, strip tapes and biopsies
  • Skin-specific microbial gene and genome catalogues
  • Tracking presence and abundance of specific strains or groups of organisms within the microbiome
  • In vitro testing of ingredients with microbial mock communities
  • Analyse, interpret and report the links between skin health, the skin microbiome and the product of use

With our microbiome analysis, genomics and  related approaches we have solutions ready to help you study the efficacy and safety of cosmetic and dermatological products. BaseClear has been at the forefront of microbial genomics since 1993, and works with many leading brand in the industry.

Cosmetic applications

A better understanding of the skin microbiome might be necessary for your research on the development of cosmetic products, like moistures, wipes and cleansers. Microbiome profiling can demonstrate the efficacy of your product and can be required to put a ‘microbiome-friendly’ claim on a product.

Dermatological applications

An imbalance in the skin microbiome can contribute to various skin disorders, such as eczema, acne, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, while an antimicrobial treatment can lead to clinical improvements. Hence, skin microbiome analysis is an important part of clinical dermatological research. A resistome analysis, indicating which antibiotic resistance genes are present, might be helpful as well, especially in relation to chronic infections.

Skin burns and wound healing

In case of skin burns and other types of skin wounds, not only the skin itself needs to be recovered, but also the skin microbiome on top of this. As long as the microbiome is still dysbiotic, there will be a higher risk for bacterial infections, while the healing might be impaired as well. Stimulation of the beneficial components of the skin microbiome and elimination of specific pathogenic ones might help to minimize these risks, for example via a treatment based on probiotics, antimicrobials or phages. In the development of such treatments, the skin microbiome analysis plays a crucial role.

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Trends in human skin microbiome research

Research into the human skin microbiome is a fascinating field of research. How will multi-omics approaches change the way we develop new cosmetic products? BaseClear’s Dr Radhika Bongoni, Head of Business Development, held an interview with Dr Riccardo Sfriso, R&D Scientist Personal Care at DSM Nutritional Products, about current directions in human skin research.

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Experts meetings on skin microbiome analysis

BaseClear has years of expertise in microbiome analysis, including skin microflora analysis. We routinely organise expert meetings wherein scientists and researchers meet, share and discuss microbiome projects. Topics discussed include discovery, technical challenges, clinical trials, marketing, commercialisation and regulations on microbiome-based products.

Our experts meetings

Meet Radhika Bongoni!

Radhika is our Head of Business Development. She is specialised in microbiome analysis and regulatory affairs and its applications in Human Health, Personal Care and Animal Nutrition. Radhika received her Ph.D. in Food technology from Wageningen University and an MBA from Tias School for Business & Society. With techno-commercial expertise, she is involved in business growth and market penetration by fostering relationships with partners. Prior to BaseClear, Radhika was responsible for establishing dietary supplements market in western Europe, India, South Africa and Russia.

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