Microbiome friendly testing

BaseClear supports customers in all requirements needed to put claims such as ‘microbiome-friendly’, ‘microbiome-gentle’ or ‘microbiome-respect’ on a product. Our end-to-end solutions include study design,  skin microbiome analysis, strain tracking, advanced biostatistics including PCA and RDA analysis, and interpretation of the data by our team of experts. The final result is a clear answer on the link between the skin microbiome and the product of use. Get in touch now to request a sample copy of our improved report format or to get a quotation for your upcoming project.


End-to-end solutions

  • BaseClear is a one-stop shop for recruitment, testing and analysing the effects of a product on skin health and the skin microbiome
  • We offer a comprehensive set of microbial genomics based analysis services, including metagenomics and metatranscriptomics with low-biomass samples like skin swabs, strip tapes and biopsies
  • We developed skin-specific microbial gene and genome catalogues to minimize the number of unclassified reads and getting more value out of your data
  • We can track the presence and abundance of specific strains or groups of organisms within the microbiome
  • In addition we offer in vitro testing of ingredients with microbial mock communities
  • Our advanced biostatistics include multivariate analysis such as Principal component analysis (PCA) and Redundancy Analysis (RDA)
  • The final report includes interpretation of the results by our team of experts on the links between the skin microbiome and the product of use, to support claims such as ‘microbiome-friendly’, ‘microbiome-gentle’ and ‘microbiome-respect’

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With her passion for health and wellbeing, Radhika enjoys contributing to sustainability, and to the development of products that will benefit the end user and improve their quality of living. To this end, Radhika heads the commercial activities at BaseClear. “My diverse industry experience helps me envisage out-of-the-box solutions for our customers and to enter to new markets as a company” says Radhika. “It’s crucial that I can identify our customer needs and market trends to steer product development at BaseClear.”

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