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The method used for the isolation and purification of DNA from biological samples and reaction mixtures is critical to the success of subsequent downstream molecular applications. Considering this, the scientists at Zymo Research have developed a portfolio of DNA stabilization, DNA purification, and DNA clean-up products for the simple and rapid recovery of high-yield, inhibitor-free DNA from diverse sample sources.

Many samples can be challenging to process due to a variety of factors, including sample size, presence of contaminants, degradation, and the resistance of a sample to lysis. Methods used for extraction must also protect DNA from degradation when immediate processing is not possible, especially during non-refrigerated storage and transport. Zymo Research offers innovative solutions to these challenges with DNA technologies that are high quality, easy to use, reliable, and affordable.

The comprehensive line of DNA products includes kits for routine DNA clean-up, plasmid purification, genomic and environmental DNA isolation, and much more. In addition, Zymo Research offers many other unique technologies to facilitate accurate DNA analysis, including DNA markers, DNA polymerases, nucleases, modifying enzymes, and technologies specifically designed for the removal of enzymatic (PCR) inhibitors from impure preparations of DNA.

Zymo Research products offer several advantages compared to standard nucleic acid purification columns:

  • Low elution volumes (>6 ul)
  • No retention volume, therefore no loss of DNA
  • No wash residue carryover
  • Fast and simple protocols (e.g. PCR clean-up within 2 minutes) 
  • High yields of extremely pure DNA
  • All components can be ordered individually
  • Kits are available for the isolation of fragment DNA, plasmid DNA and genomic DNA from many different sources
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DNA Clean-up Overview

High-quality, inhibitor-free DNA is a prerequisite for successful PCR, DNA ligation/cloning, sequencing, arrays, etc. The scientists at Zymo Research have developed the most comprehensive technologies for DNA clean-up and concentration from any preparation. Central to these products is the total removal of salts and alcohol from samples through the use of uniquely designed spin columns and plates that ensure complete elution of DNA without binding/wash buffer carryover. Coupled with uniquely formulated buffers, these DNA clean-up technologies assure the purification of high-quality DNA with the complete removal of enzymatic inhibitors.

Plasmid DNA Purification Overview

Plasmid DNA purification is a cornerstone of many molecular biology and biochemistry labs due to its extensive use prior to a variety of applications such as, transfection, bacterial transformation, restriction endonuclease digestion, PCR, sequencing, and in vitro transcription. Therefore kits that can robustly isolate high quality, endotoxin-free plasmid DNA are indispensable tools in every researcher’s arsenal.Zymo Research provides unrivaled plasmid DNA purification kits at an affordable price so that every lab can be equipped with the essentials. Several formats are available for isolating bacterial plasmids, yeast plasmids, or BAC, YAC, & PAC DNA. High-quality plasmids isolated using our technology can be eluted directly from the column in water; the ultra-pure DNA is ready for all sensitive downstream applications.

Genomic DNA Overview

Zymo Research offers a range of genomic DNA isolation kits that are suitable for isolating DNA from a wide variety of sample types including tissue, fresh and paraffin-embedded tissue sections, cultured cells, saliva, buccal cells, whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, viruses, and mitochondria. These isolation kits yield high quality dsDNA that is ideal for use in downstream applications such as PCR, Southern blotting, endonuclease digestion, and methylation detection. Similar to the DNA clean-up series of kits, the genomic DNA isolation kits feature Zymo-Spin technology for complete inhibitor and contaminant removal, minimal elution volumes, and high concentrations of recovered DNA.

Microbial & Environmental DNA Isolation Overview

Bead beating is often required for the efficient processing of tough-to-lyse organisms and environmental samples, and the environmental DNA isolation kits from Zymo Research feature unique BashingBead™ technology for efficient isolation of DNA from samples otherwise refractory to conventional lysis procedures.

State of the art BashingBeads™ are constructed of the highest quality, most dense ceramic material available today. They are used when thorough sample homogenization/lysis is required by the researcher, and DNA shearing by physical and chemical methods is minimized since the beads are fracture resistant and chemically inert, respectively. They are unique amongst the lysis matrices offered by other companies for DNA isolation from tough-to-lyse materials.

The BashingBead™ kits from Zymo research can be effectively used for processing tough-to-lyse tissues, soil samples, feces, plants, seeds, food, arthropods, gram(+) and gram(-) bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi, unicellular and filamentous algae, and protozoa. For processing, samples are simply transferred to the provided ZR BashingBead™ Lysis Tubes where samples are rapidly and efficiently lysed by bead beating in uniquely designed lysis buffers. Processing the samples can be performed using any bead mill, pulverizer, or vortex that can accommodate standard 2.0 ml, 50 ml tubes, or 96-well blocks depending on the format of the kit.

Following lysis, metagenomic DNA is isolated using innovative Zymo-Spin™ column and plate technologies, and in cases where plant, feces, or soil samples are processed, the DNA is subsequently filtered to remove humic/fulvic acids or polyphenols that can inhibit PCR. The isolation of inhibitor-free DNA typically takes about 15 minutes. DNA isolated with these products is suitable for PCR, Next-Gen sequencing, hybridization, restriction digestion, and other enzymatic processes. Products are available in spin column Micro- (5 µg/prep), Mini- (25 µg/prep), Midi- (125 µg/prep) and 96-Well (5 µg/well) formats.

DNA/RNA Co-Purification Overview

To meet the demands of scientists wishing to extract DNA and RNA simultaneously from the same source, Zymo Research offers a line of DNA/RNA co-purification kits designed for this purpose. Cells or tissues can be processed using the ZR-Duet™ DNA/RNA MiniPrep, in which DNA and RNA are eluted into separate tubes. Kits are available for co-purification of viral DNA and RNA from cells and biological liquids. Also, the ssDNA/RNA Clean & Concentrator™ provides a convenient method of isolating single-stranded nucleic acids from double-stranded species.

Sample Collection & Stabilization Overview

Degradation of DNA and RNA in biological samples (post-collection) has posed an obstacle to the accurate study of genetic identification and expression profiling, respectively. Refrigeration and the use of cryogenic freezing methods for environmental and forensic sample preservation are often not available options. However, stabilization of DNA and RNA in samples is readily facilitated using Xpedition™ Sample Prep and DNA/RNA Shield™ technologies. With the Xpedition™ Lysis/Stabilization Solution, DNA is preserved in sample lysates for subsequent storage and transportation without the requirement of refrigeration and can be analyzed later, when convenient, in the laboratory.

High-Throughput/Automated Isolation Overview

When numerous samples need to be processed consistently in a short time, Zymo Research offers a line of products to researchers that allows high-throughput processing without sacrificing DNA quality. Kits are available in either 96-well spin plate or magnetic bead formats that afford the user the adaptability, speed, and consistency they require.

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