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Zymo Research offers a range of convenient and innovative products for yeast research. Our yeast lytic enzyme, Zymolyase, allows for rapid and efficient yeast lysis. We also offer products for simple recovery of yeast DNA and RNA. Using a uniquely formulated YPD medium (YPD Plus™) transformation efficiency for most yeast strains can be increased by 50% or greater. Also, our Frozen EZ Yeast Transformation II Kit™ has been designed to make yeast transformation easier and more efficient compared to conventional methods. For yeast cell-cycle arrest, check out our Alpha-factor mating pheromone. We also provide several specialty products for yeast researchers including 5-FOA for yeast counter selection.

Yeast Lytic Enzyme

Zymo Research offers a yeast lytic enzyme, Zymolyase, for effective digestion of yeast cell wall glucan.

Yeast Plasmid and DNA Purification

Isolate DNA quickly and efficiently from yeast utilizing our innovative DNA Isolation technologies. All DNA recovered is of the highest purity and quality and can be used in a number of downstream applications.

Yeast Transformation

The simple and streamlined workflow of our Yeast Transformation kit results in high transformation efficiencies. Also, our growth media is perfect for the growth of fastidious yeast species or for enhancing transformation efficiencies.

Yeast Mating Phermone

Zymo Research provides mating pheromones that have been optimized for both activity and stability and is guaranteed to retain biological function.

Specialty Chemicals and Others

Zymo Research provides a number of excellent products to further assist in yeast genetic research including yeast RNA recovery and products for auxotroph and mutant yeast strain selection. 

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