Adalberto Costessi

Adalberto enjoys working on the interface between technology and its application in his position as Product Manager Genomics and Regulatory Affairs. As an Italian with an aptitude for languages, Adalberto feels at home working within multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. “BaseClear is at the forefront of genomics analysis, and it’s great to work with cutting-edge technology that has the potential to improve the world. I like to help customers develop applications using genomics, and support the market approval process to move their projects forward.” he says.

Adalberto is involved in shaping and developing new products using NGS sequencing platforms, including the generation of genomics and bioinformatics data that are compliant with regulatory requirements and supporting dossier preparation for new products based on microbial strains introduced intentionally into the food chain. He has extensive expertise in the technology side of genomics and brings a lot of technical knowledge into his position.

Adalberto completed a master of Medical Biotechnology in Trieste, Italy and moved to the Netherlands to participate in a graduate training program looking at bone proteomics at the European Space Agency. He completed a PhD at Radboud University in Nijmegen using NGS techniques to investigate molecular oncoprotein function. In 2011, he joined the BaseClear team in the NGS laboratory and moved to the Product Manager position after five years. It’s his experience in the laboratory that gives him the technical insights to answer customer questions. “A satisfying part of my job is seeing the results: new products that have reached the market where they can make a difference, and my work at BaseClear has helped them get there.”

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