Edwin Galle

Chief Financial Officer Edwin Galle has a strong commitment to innovation, coupled with many years of experience in financial management of life science companies. His approach is to tune financial processes, products and services to create sustainable growth for the company. “I want to accelerate growth by operational excellence and cost management. Being more efficient and effective will lead to a stronger and more competitive organization,” he states.

Edwin oversees all aspects of the company that are related to finance, such as financial planning and analysis, financial reporting, and accounting. As part of the executive team, his operational and strategic experience in finance is highly valued in shaping the future of the company. His aim is to inspire employees to take an entrepreneurial attitude and build cross-functional relationships to meet BaseClear’s ambitious goals in a sustainable way.

Edwin has a doctorate in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam, and a post-doctorate controller training from the VU Amsterdam. He has worked for several large Netherlands-based multinational companies including KLM, Heineken, and as financial director at pharmaceutical company Apotex Netherlands. He has extensive experience and knowledge of scaling high-growth companies, which matches BaseClear’s vision for growth over the coming years.

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