Eline Klaassens

Eline joined BaseClear in 2020 as Product Manager Human Health. Eline understands that the complexity of human microbiome goes beyond assessing the microbial diversity. Internally and externally we are inhabited by millions of microbes with different dominant microbial species per organ or surface and even per our lifespan. Eline specialises in offering expert advice in refining research questions, hypotheses, consultancy in study design including sampling, analysing the microbial data and interpretation of the generated data.

Eline has a strong background in human microbiome analysis, holding a PhD degree from Wageningen University in Microbial Eco-physiology of the Human Intestinal Tract. She has used multiple omics tools for profiling diversity as well as functionality of the human microbiome. At WUR she investigated the functionality of bifidobacteria in the infant and adult gut using metaproteomics and transcriptomics. At the CSIRO (Australia) studies focussed on functional analysis of novel isolated species and biopsies related to IBD and colon cancer using (meta)-transcriptomics. At the University of Sydney her work covered the effect of diet in metabolic disease on the microbiome.

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