Ivan Valdes Barrera

Ivan Valdes Barrera is the fungal genomics expert within the Product Manager team, and clearly likes a challenge. With expertise in both the laboratory and bioinformatics, he’s enjoying the fast pace and dynamic environment he finds at BaseClear. “I never stop learning in my job. It’s great to have such a wide variety of different projects. I’m really happy with the opportunities to apply my skills and knowledge to support clients in getting the most value out of their research.“ 

Ivan currently assists customers in the Microbial Ingredients product line, particularly with their questions about fungi. He finds himself giving advice both internally and externally to the wider microbial genomics community. He explains: “When I’m asked for my advice, I have to be creative, sharp and fast with my answer. I try to think ahead and anticipate how to get the most out of the analyses. I consider what the customer wants to do and the best way to get the solution that is needed.”

After completing a Bachelor and Master degree in biological sciences in his home country of Colombia, Ivan moved to the Netherlands for a PhD in fungal genomics, followed by a post-doctoral position in mushroom development. He had his eye on a position at BaseClear for a few years as the company seemed to be a good fit with his interests. “I’m happy to use my knowledge to help BaseClear maintain a leadership position in microbial genomics,” he states. His experience in fungal biology, both in the laboratory and in silico, filled a need within the company to provide more support to customers interested in analyses with fungi.

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