Jan Peter Heutink

Teamwork makes the difference for Jan Peter Heutink, Manager Operations. A sports enthusiast, Jan Peter appreciates the energizing environment with motivated colleagues at BaseClear. “I really enjoy the cooperative culture at BaseClear. We have an international workforce with highly qualified employees to deliver genomics solutions to our clients. The combination of professionalism and working as part of a team attracted me to the position in the first place” he explains.

At BaseClear, Jan Peter is responsible for the laboratories that deliver the analysis results that drive the business. He supervises four departments and a team of 30 people to ensure that the workflows run smoothly and that the results are reliable. Jan Peter takes care of the entire production process to ensure the quality and timely delivery of all the commercial products. “At BaseClear, we are an independent company with a real focus on serving the needs of customers in the best possible way. We have the latest equipment and are using state-of-the-art technology and IT infrastructure. It’s fantastic to work in such a well-appointed environment,” he comments.

Jan Peter has a Bachelor degree in biochemistry and he started working for BaseClear in 2004 as a technician. After several positions in the laboratories, he was promoted to Manager Operations in 2015 and completed a Master of Business Administration. He’s been a member of the management team since 2019.

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