Justin van der Heemst

As Senior account manager, I like to build strong and long-term relations with the customers. Getting to that point is when I really start to understand true customer needs and assess where BaseClear services and expertise can connect. BaseClear can offer a lot of different services, both standard and custom. Making sure customers realize where we can actually cooperate is what makes me excited, especially when they didn’t even know we offer such help at all.

Because of the complexity that can be involved with some of the custom or high-demanding assignments from our valued customers, to make sure everything is proceeding smoothly, managing expectations for all stakeholders and clear communication is key. I enjoy making sure that the right external and internal stakeholders are all connected to each other and being the central point of contact. Most of our work for the customers isn’t limited to receiving samples until the point in which we share the results. Many times it involves preparation, planning, optimizing, piloting, analyzing and evaluating. Managing this entire process well to intensify the working relationship with the customers is what I like most about my role at BaseClear.

I graduated from the Higher Laboratory School at Leiden Hogeschool in 2005. I specialized in Medical Microbiology. Afterwards, I did a masters at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam graduating in 2 different differentiations, being International Public Health and Infectious Diseases. From 2009 onwards, I worked as commercial representative at several pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies before starting at BaseClear.

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