Maria Teresa Borrero

Curiosity and an interest in the natural world drives Maria Teresa Borrero, Junior Account Manager at BaseClear. “I’m a curious person. BaseClear’s clients have many fantastic projects that are all trying to make a clear contribution to science, and it’s fascinating for me to be involved in that process,” explains Maria. A keen reader and scuba diver, her interest in the natural world knows no bounds.

Maria’s main responsibilities are to maintain a productive relationship with customers and to identify how BaseClear’s products and services can meet their needs. She recognizes that some customers are direct and know exactly what they want, and others want to discuss projects in great detail. Maria explains: “I try to really understand our customers. We can only give them what they need when we know what they are looking for. I want to make the experience as easy and pleasant as possible, so that they see us as a dependable partner in their research projects.”

She has a combined background in research and business, which allows her to recognise what the customer wants to achieve and how BaseClear can provide a matching solution. She completed a BSc in Biology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid which included an Erasmus scholarship in Genetics and Molecular Biosciences at the University of Helsinki. She obtained a MSc in Science and Business Management at the University of Utrecht as it was one of the few programs in Europe focusing on the intersection between science and the business world. She has also completed several internships in both science and business, and is a co-founder of a transdisciplinary platform that translates scientific concepts to multiple audiences.

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