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Patrick Koning

Sustainability inspires Patrick Koning to support BaseClear’s growth in genomics technologies: “The effects of climate change show that we need to do things differently, and BaseClear can deliver solutions to help the planet.” As a father of two young children, Patrick is keenly interested in being part of the solution to global issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, antibiotic resistance, and securing a supply of food for the future. He believes that the microbe-based solutions that BaseClear helps develop are key to sustainability.

In his role as Head of Marketing for BaseClear, Patrick sees his main task as collaboratively improving the science. The marketing goals and strategy at BaseClear are based on sharing knowledge to advance the field as a whole. He organizes activities such as Experts Meetings, case studies and interviews to identify the challenges within various industries and come up with new solutions. He believes that by encouraging cooperation in different application areas and technology platforms, larger goals such as sustainability will be achieved. Patrick enjoys hearing back from customers about what they are working on and how they have been able to use results from BaseClear to create real-world applications. “As an example, I recently found a sun protection lotion in the supermarket with a ‘microbiome-tested’ label. This is not just an attractive label, but a confirmation that the product has been developed with a good understanding of how it interacts and works with the microbiome, the natural layer of bacteria that acts as our natural defence system. It is also encouraging to see that consumer awareness of the microbiome is increasing.”

As his educational background includes an MSc in Bio-Pharmaceutical Science, he has a good understanding of the technologies and expertise available at BaseClear, and how the science can be applied to improve products and processes in the industries that BaseClear serves. Patrick has worked for more than a decade for BaseClear in various commercial positions and with many customers to improve their processes and find new applications. “I’m proud to be part of a company that enables the development of products that improve human, animal and global health.” he concludes.

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