Savanne Holster

Savanne joined BaseClear in 2020 as Product Manager Skin Health and Personal Care. Savanne is ready to help you study the connection between the microbiome and your personal care product to help you speed up innovations, product launches and market positioning.

Read her interviews on ‘New insights into Malasezia’s role in Dandruff‘  and ‘Trends in human skin microbiome research‘. Or read the summary of her presentation during the 4th experts meeting on Microbiome & Skin Health and Disease here.

Savanne has a great interest in microorganisms and their interactions with the host. She did a PhD studies in Medical Science at Örebro University, Sweden, where she has gained significant experience in working with human samples from clinical trials. In her PhD studies, Savanne assessed the effect of Feacal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) on patients with the aim to study the microbiome and to unravel host-microbe interactions. After her FMT research, she shifted focus to the field of microbiome research related to skin health.

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