Thaer Al Keilani

As Business Developer for BaseClear, Thaer al Keilani enjoys discovering how the cutting edge technology of microbial genomics is being used to shape future research and product development. “What I most like about my job is collaborating with customers to use the technology in new and exciting fields. It’s fascinating to see what is being developed right now and the potential for the coming years.” His position at BaseClear is a perfect fit with his interest in the commercial aspects of biotechnology.

Thaer works with the company’s newest customers to arrange for the genomic analyses that they need. He sees his role not just as meeting their immediate genomics requirements; he works with them to understand what products would be best to achieve their goals. “I always ask myself: What are our customers’ critical milestones with a project? I see BaseClear as a trusted advisor and part of the extended team that is needed to fully meet clients’ objectives”. He matches the product needs of the client with expertise in-house. Excellent communication and the ability to modify the approach according to customer requirements are skills that he sees as crucial to his job.

Thaer is flexible and enjoys new experiences, as can be seen from his education and work history. “I enjoy learning about different cultures and being in an international environment,” he says. Born and raised in Jordan, he chose to study first in England for a BSc in Biomedical Science, followed by an MSc in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Bio-Business in Scotland. Thaer moved to the Netherlands to work at BaseClear, for a position that was a great fit for his interests and expertise.

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